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The beginning - February 1975

First entry is written in red biro. (Please note, my brother is called Neil but there is also another different boy called Neil mentioned in the catch-up)

2nd February 1975 (Sunday)
Neil says to put I am 12 ^ (dum dum). Today is my birthday. My presents included - This diary (Mum + Dad) felt tips, Sketch book (Neil). Master Mind (A. Kathleen) jumper (A Carol) Money (G. Douglas + G Brown) Birthday cake - nest. I had Fondue, good fun. No-one is to see any more entries in this book. It is private.

There is also an entry for the day before, 1st Feb, but it's a more general 'catch-up' rather than being specific to that date

This is just to bring the situation up to date. I now love Stephen McCartney. He is lovely. Caron is very selfish + she teases me alot. I am afraid to have a quarrel because we might stop being friends + who else do I have? I hate her sometimes. I am lonely. I think my eyes are getting worse.

3rd February 1975 (Monday)
Today had Hockey match with Victoria A + B teams won A 2-1 + B 3-0. Im in B. Did not know 12" in ft asked Caron I could not beleive her because she teases me so much. I am confused will I give Neil up or not? What if he gives me a V card I love Stephen McC

4th February 1975 (Tuesday)
Today in Art had to do picture ^ (poster) advertising either something hot or something cold. Trampolining - pretty good. Got A- for essay not too many mistakes. Caron took seat for 1 in Assembley I did not sit with her. Dom.Sc. made scones. Miss Craig embarassed the student. Ok day none special.

5th February 1975 (Wednesday)
No Drama today but had to go to Mr Calvert cause I am narrator in Prodical Son tomorrow at assembly. Caron was nattering on about self today how bored I was. Maths teacher (new one) is good, he can explain well. Neil like baby, had argument cause of curtains + light soon over. I think I was pretty babyish too, must stop arguing.

6th February 1975 (Thursday)
Pretty boring day. Except that (a) Read narrative of Prodical Son (b) had to do Geog map at break in 5 mins. he didn't even look at it. (c) I am getting cross with Caron. She calls me Duggy. I quite like equations + can do 'she' can't + I have to help her. It is as if she 'copies' me. We are friends now in name only almost.

7th February 1975 (Friday)
Today Mrs Watson off so no essay. We practised play we are going to do. Our group is hopeless, they haven't got a clue. No trampolining cause Mrs D. has Flu although at school. went to drama practice instead but I couldn't enjoy it cause I needed to go to the toilet all the time. At guides got hit in face by ball. It hurt but I tried not to show it. My glasses nearly broken.

8th February 1975 (Saturday)
Jennifer to come today. She came. Gave me address book + brought back a borrowed book. I couldn't find the book she had lent me. All morning spent tiding room was tired out. I thought that mum didn't apprieciate it but I now think she did. I don't like Jennifer as much now. She got 100% for Chem her exam must have been pretty easy.

9th February 1975 (Sunday)
Went to Sunday School. Dad woke us at 9.45! At Sunday School teacher asked us to bring screwtop jars next week. He asked me to draw a themometre showing how much money we got each week. Must remember to do it. Didn't do homework until after tea. (silly) didn't do french properly. I am worried if we get a test.

10th February 1975 (Monday)
Didn't go to school today because of bad cold. Slept until 11.45 from 9.30! I was pretty bored - all I did was read, eat, listen to the radio + watch TV, when Neil came home. I did some homework after tea but I got tired walking about, so mum said I could stay off tommorrow which is good but I will nave missed art, dom Sc. + trampolining.

11th February 1975 (Tuesday)
Today off again + slept until 10.40 (Just thinking. I will have a lot of History notes to do up ugh!) Pretty ordinary day nothing special. Watched Mission Impossible which was good (NOTE one of the day I was off I listened to play on radio called Fire Burn! about a detective going back in time it was v. good)

12th February 1975 (Wednesday)
Stayed off today too but got up + dressed, watched TV + did some homework saw an TV prog on Animal Behavious, very interesting. I also practiced guitar but cant get (diagram of fret) I am also making my old jeans real mod with WOW + embroidary.

13th February 1975 (Thursday)
At school I found that I wasn't too far behind in work + caught up in maths. CK thought that I might not be able to do Tramp. Comp cause routines were supposed to be in day before. She was pleased at this but she was wrong I am in (HURRAH) + _____ to her!

14th February 1975 (Friday)
St Valentines Day. got Pamela Armour to give him it. I think he may have guessed who sent it but I am not sure. I do really love him, I feel so shy when he looks at me. At Trampolining I enjoyed myself. Guides good next week thinking day have pic to draw must remember. Didn't get any V cards.

15th February 1975 (Saturday)
Did not go to Hockey turn out because of drama rehearsal. It was good fun. I nearly know my words. I played a bit of badminton in lunch break with Jeremy Broom good. Got home before time they said. Went shopping with mum got Zoomerang for Neil's birthday = (drawing of three-pronged boomerang) it was 27p

16th February 1975 (Sunday)
Went to Sunday School. I do feel annoyed with dad. I get everyone up Monday - Friday. why shouldn't he do it on Sunday but no I should remember all I own him! (alot.) No essay (hurrah!) Did homework watched TV. Bought a comic. Wonder what I should do for Lent?

17th Februray 1975 (Monday)
Went to school with McShefferys cause its dad's half term. Had game of Hockey with P.G. Bs won 1-0 + A won 1-0 two victories for us, (great!) went to play Arms + the Man pretty good. Glad I sat near front cause they didn't speak very loudly needed to go to loo 1/2 way through IIIsc., rushed out at the end. (I was embaressed)

18th February 1975 (Tuesday)
Today took in costume for a play at school but one of the B team was off so we couldn't do it. Trampolining a lunch made me a bit late for Dom.Sc. I went up to explain at once but she told me not to interupt. Can't do a thing right can you? No Tramp.. after school. PS Made Rock Cake in Dom Sc. v. nice.

19th February 1975 (Wednesday)
Today I got my report which was good ( 2As + 1 A- ) Also I have Biology 1st 2 periods and we planted baby plants. Tramp. at dinner time made me late for Divinity by Mr Calvert didn't mind. Biol film was on water polution - quite good. Granny B. came up + gave me crisps. CK teased me at school saying there was Geog test when there was not. Must remember to start praying at night. I have found God again and I am glad..

20th February 1975 (Thursday)
Today lugged stuff for play to school again but one of our group was still absent. At lunch had trampolining + in Latin test got 12/12. Mr Mulryne let PA + me go to extra practice then. Comp on Saturday. Tomorrow 1/2 term CK avoids me a bit she is not in Tramp. Comp. Neil + I played fortunate cards, bed time. PS Made rock cakes at home in the afternoon + I enjoyed myself.

21st February 1975 (Friday)
1st day of 1/2 term. Went down to Granny's + Aunty Bs in morning. Neil was so stubborn about playing Cheat his way which was stupid. Drew pic for guides. It was good. At guides I broke one of the tin stilt things. I was so cross with myself. Watched Ironside + then BBC2 saw 6 Scenes from marriage. It was dubbed. While I was watching TV cooker caught fire we may have to get a new one. Tramp. Comp tommorrow (gulp!)

22nd February 1975 (Saturday)
The compitition was today. It was g. fun. The standard of the U13 was not as high as I thought it would be. I came 3rd. Poor Gillian went over in her back drop + hurt herself - she only came 8th, Darrell 1st, PA came 2nd. Walked home. Went out shopping with Mum + Dad. Neil didn't come. I spent 20p on sweets. I was feeling extravagent. Must do some of my divinity project tomorrow. Watched TV in the evening.

23rd February 1975 (Sunday)
Today I went to Sunday School + saw a film strip on Magila. I then went home + did some of my divinity project.  I watched Anne of Avenlee + played at knocking a balloon about with Neil. After tea I didn't do any more homework but played with the balloon again + watched Coldiz which was good. Neil came in after lights out + we talked, pretending we were super humans. He went at 11.45!

24th February 1975 (Monday)
Last day of half term. I got up at 9.00 + worked hard from about 10.30 (before, I watched TV + played balloon game) I was working on my divinity project for Wed. I finished written stuff + then watched TV (I should have revised. history test tomorrow) At night mum caught me reading, gosh! she makes you feel small.

25th February 1975 (Tuesday) (all written in looped handwriting)
Today at school Mrs Watson wasn't there so we had class assembly in the middle gym with Mr Calvert. At Art we got on with our posters (4th Feb) mind is not as good as I would like it to be. In Dom.Sc. did boiled egg + toast no Trampolining after school. Did all the illistrations for my Divin Project. It is very good I think, but will he think so? Didn't do any other homework. Isn't looped writing hard?

26th February 1975 (Wednesday)
Today Mrs Watson still away. Had results of trampolining Comp read out in Form 1 assembly. Biol ok PE did dancing again. I made my toe sore. No Drama rehearsal but one on Fri. when I can't go (grr!) Neil gave me his stamp book but he tried to get key to this - he did not succeed. PS Just before tea Neil + I played football in garden. I pushed him + he threw ball at me. It hurt. I swore at him + chased him but didn't catch. Just as well, I was really angry. My anger died away later.

27th February 1975 (Thursday)
Today Mrs Watson back though not in time for class assembley. At lunch I sat with PA + JB who had fallen out with Michelle + Lesely. Maths test tommorrow must revise. At lunch did 1/2 of Eng. hoomework. Saw Top of the Pops + Are you being Served? Somersalts tomrrow in trampolining I can hardly wait. I could kill Brian Camble - he keeps teasing me about Stephen + I can't deny I love him cause I do (heart).

28th February 1975 (Friday)
Today got essay title - Disaster! Maths Test not too bad Id bad about fractions of 2y in brackets - 8/4(2y-4) = 1/8 (----) At Trampolining did somersalts whole time, Caron didn't do. PA could do first time. I am jealous. This man came in, daredevil. He made us all somersalt without harness. Mrs D didn't approve but she will let me do on Tues with towel. Hurrah!!!! Guides ok.

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