Saturday, 1 September 2012


I found my pre-teen and early teenage five year diary and thought it might be fun to transfer it (pretty  much unedited) to this blog. We are talking 1975-1979, but only for a few months in any given year.

The first entry is dated 2nd February 1975 (the day I turned 12), but in the front of the diary there is an introduction to the whole volume, written in 1976. That is what is transcribed below, with spelling mistakes left in. I was surprised to discover how many spelling errors I was making at that age. 
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Hi there. Well this is my diary with its many mistakes etc. It is a jerky thing, written for a stretch, then stopped + then started + so on.

It is just the story of an ordinary girl ie me and my life. Some of it is interesting some is not. That didn't bother me when I wrote it because it was an outpour of my soul rather than a planned sophisticated composition. It is stunted in times especially near the beginning as I felt I couldn't be completely honest but as it goes on it relaxs more from time to time. This was written on the 2/10/76, I don't know what I will write in the future, maybe nothing, maybe terrible things, apalling things or maybe very mundane things with no honesty as I get either more society consienced or more free in what I (underlined 3 times) as a person thinks, who knows?
yours with love
Heather Douglas
(authoress) aged 13 yrs.

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